Please click on the links below to access the Studio work of the FPDL and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

Vision 19: A Catalyst for Change in The Harbors is the implementation-focused phase of an intense, multi-faceted effort by Pasco County to change the course of the future for a significantly challenged region along the coast.

Nine students within the Spring 2014 Florida Planning and Development Lab (FPDL) Studio conducted a feasibility study (the “Study”) for modes and alignments of premium transit running through the Florida State University (FSU) campus and connecting the campus to the City’s larger Multi-Modal Transportation District (MMTD) for StarMetro.

This project increased the understanding of bicycle and pedestrian uses, needs, and preferences on FSU's campus. Additionally, the project presented recommendations to improve the pedestrian and bicycle experience on campus.

In January 2013, a Research Team in the Florida Planning and Development Lab within the Florida State University Department of Urban and Regional Planning was organized and tasked with examining the food system in the Local Region.

This Plan sets forth a comprehensive vision designed to revitalize the College Park District “the District”, a 232-acre area located between the Florida State University and Downtown Tallahassee, Florida.

In an attempt to better prepare Florida for disaster recovery, the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) tasked the Florida Planning and Development Lab (FPDL) with developing a conceptual model to determine the maximum capacity of a host community to accommodate evacuees.

Florida State University (FSU) places a premium on attracting and retaining a high quality, diverse graduate student body. In order to remain competitive with other leading research institutions, senior administrators are asking what, beyond excellent academic programs, might attract the best and brightest graduate students.

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) at Florida State University (FSU) entered into an agreement with StarMetro, the city-owned and operated bus service for Tallahassee, Florida for the preparation of this transit report.

The Roots of Empowerment project was a community development plan created for the community of Boca la Caja in Panama City, Republic of Panama.

The purpose of this guide is to describe local government efforts that have proven successful in addressing repetitive flood problems through the implementation of structural and non-structural mitigation measures.