Envisioning Florida's Future: Transportation and Land Use in an Automated Vehicle World

An AV Oriented City Block
An AV Oriented City Block

Project Years: 2015 — 2016

Lead Faculty: 

  • Tim Chapin, Interim Dean, College of Social Science and Public Policy, Florida State University
  • Lindsay Stevens, Planner-In-Residence, Department of Urban & Regional Planning, Florida State University

Project Team: Tim Chapin, Lindsay Stevens, Jeremy Crute, Jordan Crandall, Alexandria Washington, Anne Rokyta, Mark Horner, and Mike Duncan

Visioning Session Facilitators: Vane Christiansen, John Cowart, Jordan Crandall, Will Crowley, Scott Dogali, Diana Elsner, Mavrick Fitzgerald, Julian Marcos, Stephano Miranda, Josh Pelfrey, Yes Segura, Leslie Stout, and Alexandria Washington

Project Partner: Florida Department of Transportation

Project Summary:  Automated Vehicles (AV) are poised to transform communities at a level not seen since the adoption of the automobile roughly a century ago. Utilizing an innovative and collaborative visioning process, a team of faculty and students from Florida State University’s Department of Urban & Regional Planning developed a vision for the future of Florida’s communities in an AV world. This vision is intended to guide Florida’s transition to an AV world by identifying the impacts of AVs on the built environment, and possible policy alternatives and infrastructure investments to support this transition. The goal of this report is to leverage AV technology to create a transportation system that is safer and more efficient than ever before and an urban environment built upon principles of sustainability and human-centered design.