Strategic Intercity Bus System for the State of Florida

Project Year: 2013

Lead Faculty: Lindsay Stevens, Planner-In-Residence, Florida Planning and Development Lab

Project Team: Jeremy Crute, Courtney Frisch, and Nathan Hicks

Prepared For: Florida Department of Transportation, Systems Planning Office 

Project Summary:


Following four decades of decline, the intercity bus industry in the United States began to grow rapidly starting in 2006. Intercity bus now stands as the fastest growing mode of intercity travel in the United States, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Along with this remarkable growth, the industry has also undergone a significant transformation. A new breed of lower cost “curbside” buses account for the vast majority of new growth within the intercity bus mode. Curbside bus services provide a lower cost option to intercity air and even auto travel, and have undermined the common perception that intercity bus is a last resort form of transportation only used by those who can afford nothing else.

In order to understand the role that intercity bus travel plays in the State of Florida, FDOT has asked researchers from the FPDL to develop a document that presents intercity bus travel trends. This document contains four major sections: section one provides background information and the historical context of general intercity bus travel in the United States, section two highlights public company profiles of successful intercity bus systems around the country, section three details profiles of the current intercity bus services in Florida, and section four includes a ridership survey and data collection methodology for further understanding of Florida’s intercity bus services. This document will provide a foundation for understanding Florida’s intercity bus service trends and travel demand patterns. Additionally, this document will serve as a new data source and a tool for FDOT to develop ways in which to fund intercity bus services and potentially expand and improve the intercity bus network within the State of Florida.


Strategic Intercity Bus System - Fall 2013 (pdf, 5.69 MB)