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Vision 19: A Catalyst for Change in The Harbors

Semesters: Summer and Fall 2014

Project Partner: Pasco County Planning and Development Department

Summary: Vision 19: A Catalyst for Change in The Harbors is the implementation-focused phase of an intense, multi-faceted effort by Pasco County to change the course of the future for a significantly challenged region along the coast.

Integrating Premium Transit Alternatives at FSU into the Multi-Modal Transportation District

Semester: Spring 2014

Project Partners: StarMetro and HDR Engineering, Inc.

Bi-Directional Transfer Station located @ Jefferson St. and Woodward Ave.
Central Transfer Station

Summary: The Spring 2014 Florida Planning and Development Lab Studio Team completed a premium transit alternatives analysis with a focus on connecting the FSU campus to the larger Multi-Modal Transportation District (MMTD) in Tallahassee. The Team's final recommendation is a premium transit "X-alignment" that intersects FSU's main campus and connects to the larger MMTD. The recommended alternative offers StarMetro flexibility by including four scenarios for ultimate implementation. The Studio Team also prepared comprehensive recommendations for an update to the FSU Campus Master Plan which includes parking, logistical, and bicycle-pedestrian enhancements that will support increased university and community transit use

Bike FSU: 2013 Campus Bike Study

Semester: Fall 2013

Project Partner: FSU Facilities

Summary: This project increased the understanding of bicycle and pedestrian uses, needs, and preferences on FSU's campus. Additionally, the project presented recommendations to improve the pedestrian and bicycle experience on campus.

Preliminary Community Food Assessment

Tallahassee Local Region and Study Area

Tallahassee Region and Study Area

Semester: Spring 2013

Summary: The FPDL studio team was organized and tasked with examining the food system in the Local Region. The purpose of the assessment process is to help the local community better understand the availability,affordability and accessibility of healthy food in the Study Area. This research will help improve our community food resources in order to better serve our collective food needs and will become a solution-oriented tool for the community.

College Park District Action Plan

Chain of Parks in College Park District

Chain of Parks in College Park District

Semester: Fall 2012

Project Partner: Florida State University Facilities, College Park Owners Association

Summary: This Plan sets forth a comprehensive vision designed to revitalize the College Park District "the District", a 232-acre area located between the Florida State University and Downtown Tallahassee, Florida.

Modeling a Host Community: A Post-Disaster Housing Capacity Analysis

Hurricane Andrew Prior to Landfall, 1992

Hurricane Andrew Prior to Landfall, 1992

Semester: Summer 2012

Project Partner: Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM)

Summary: In an attempt to better prepare Florida for disaster recovery, the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) tasked the FPDL team with developing a conceptual model to determine the maximum capacity of a host community to accommodate evacuees. The team developed the Emergency Vacancy/Available Capacity (EVAC) Housing Model as a... More

Creating a Community of Scholars at The Florida State University

Perspective Model for Plan 2 Proposal

Semester: Spring 2012

Project Partners: FSU: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Finance and Administration, and the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

Summary: This study presents graduate student housing as a support system that better integrates the components of student life, thereby adding to the attractiveness of FSU as a major research institution.

Getting to Drier Ground: A Best Practices Guide for Repetitive Flood Losses in Florida

Monroe County Mitigated House

Semester: Spring 2011

Project Partner: Florida Divison of Emergency Management

Summary: The purpose of this guide is to describe local government efforts that have proven successful in addressing repetitive flood problems through the implementation of structural and non-structural mitigation measures. The stories in this guide more provide examples of the local settings in which successful mitigation typically takes place.

South Monroe/Adams Corridor: Creating a Sense of Place

Monroe St. Short Term Goal

Semester: Spring 2011

Project Partner: Knight Foundation's Creative Communities Initiative (KCCI)

Summary: FPDL embark in a study that highlights avenues to achieve suitable, vibrant, and equitable community growth in the South Monroe/ Adams Corridor in Tallahassee...More

North Monroe Street Design and Safety Study

Visualization after renderings of landscaped median alternatives

Semester: Summer 2010

Project Partner: Capital and Regional Transportation Planning Agency

Summary: A study to serve as foundation for community improvements along North Monroe St...More

Colquitt Sustainability Plan

Semester: Spring 2009

Project Partner: City of Colquitt, Georgia

The Sustainability Plan articulates a vision of Colquitt that integrates all three elements of sustainability into future development... More

The Lovejoy Community Revitalization Plan

Jurisdictional Boundaries in Sylvania Heights - W.E. Combs Community

Semester: Spring 2008

Project Partners: Gulf Coast Community Design Studio (GCCDS) and National Alliance of Vietnamese American Service Agencies (NAVASA)

This document was intended to act as a basis for and guide to revitalization of the Lovejoy Community, a community consisting of the Sylvania Heights Neighborhood, located in unincorporated Okaloosa County, Florida, and the adjacent W.E. Combs Neighborhoods, located in the City of Fort Walton Beach, Florida... More

East Biloxi Community Benefits Report

Map of Current Casinos Along the Gulf Coast

Map of Current Casinos Along the Gulf Coast

Semester: Fall 2008

Project Partners: Department of Community Affairs and Greater Sylvania Heights Front Porch Inc. (GSHFP)

This studio explores and assesses opportunities to sustain and enhance the integrity of the East Biloxi, Mississippi community after Hurricane Katrina...More

Bond Community Sustainability Evaluation

Semester: Spring 2009

Summary not available.

Conserve by Transit: Estimating Transit's Contribution to GHG and VMT Reduction

Semester: Fall 2008

Summary not available.

Recommendations for Implementing School Concurrency, City of Midway

City of Midway Future Land Use Map

Semester: Fall 2007

Project Partner: City of Midway

The data presented here in suggest that Gadsden County may qualify for a waiver from school concurrency pursuant to subsection 163.3177(12), Florida Statutes... More

An Analysis of the Via Cincuentenario Realignment Alternatives: Protecting a World Heritage Site

Harris Realignment

Semester: Spring 2007

Project Partner: Florida State University - Panama

Assessing the impacts of five different road realignments for the Via Cincuentenario in Panamá Viejo, this analysis is intended to guide and complement the decision making process of relocating the Via Cincuentenario corridor... More

U.S. 319 and U.S. 84 Corridor Study: City of Thomasville, Georgia

Proposed Plan View showing how the corridor would look if the design standards are implemented

Semester: Spring 2007

Project Partner: City of Thomasville, Georgia

The purpose of this report was to recommend ways to improve the physical appearance of two major roadways in Thomasville and to leverage public investment in their improvement to encourage economic development...More

Transportation Impact Fee Study: City of Midway, Florida

City of Midway - Proposed Impact Fee Districts

Semester: Summer 2007

Project Partner: City of Midway

This study evaluates the alternative of implementing transportation impact fees in the City of Midway, Florida...More

Infrastructure Assessment and Improvement Plan: Saint Herman's Blue Hole National Park, Belize

Semester: Summer 2005

Project Partner: St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park (SHBHNP) under the management of Belize Audubon Society

This document presents a series of recommendations for infrastructure improvements to the St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park (SHBHNP)...More

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