North Monroe Street Design and Safety Study

Visualization after renderings
Visualization after renderings of
landscaped median alternatives
Proposed Typical Cross-Section for North Monroe St
Proposed Typical Cross-Section for North Monroe St.
North Monroe St. at 7th Ave
North Monroe St. at 7th Ave.

Semester: Summer 2010

Lead Faculty: Melissa Saunders, Planner in Residence, Dept. of Urban & Regional Planning, FSU & Director, FPDL

Project Partner: Capital and Regional Transportation Planning Agency

Student Assistants: Alfredo Cruz, Ashley Monroe, Seigne Diagne, David Thayer, Edward Fernandez, Jessica Ubieta, Casey McKinney, Chris Woodall

Summary: The following report is a summary of findings from a study of the North Monroe Corridor. This project was completed by graduate students from Florida State University's Department of Urban and Regional Planning as the summer 2010 studio project for capstone credit. It has been determined that a low-cost to high-cost range estimated from approximately $466,000 to $6.2 million, the corridor's safety, mobility, aesthetics, and economic development potential can be greatly increased while creating a "sense of place" for citizen enjoyment while not negatively affecting the area's level of service for automobile below an acceptable threshold. This conclusion was reached by evaluating the existing conditions and service levels and developing strategies to improve the corridor.