Preliminary Community Food Assessment

Semesters:  Spring 2013

Lead Faculty:  Lindsay Stevens

Student Members: Alex Bryant, Alejandro Casa-Valencia, Jim Esson, Steven Gilmore, Like Jiang, Brett Leone, Christina Mendoza, Ray Rodgers, Kelli Thurson, Yazmin Valdez, Matthew Wilson, Lauren Wolf 

Image of Florida panhandle region highlighted

In January 2013, a Research Team in the Florida Planning and Development Lab within the Florida State University Department of Urban and Regional Planning was organized and tasked with examining the food system in the Local Region. The Research Team set the Tallahassee MSA as the Study Area and set a 100 mile buffer to define “local food,” referred to herein as the Local Region. The overall purpose for the assessment process is to help the local community better understand the availability,affordability and accessibility of healthy food in the Study Area. This research will help improve our community food resources in order to better serve our collective food needs and will become a solution-oriented tool for the community.




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