Vision 19: A Catalyst for Change in The Harbors


Semesters:  Summer and Fall 2014

Lead Faculty:  Lindsay Stevens, Planner in Residence;  Project Manager:  Jeremy Crute

Project Partner:  Pasco County Planning and Development Department

Summary:  Vision 19: A Catalyst for Change in The Harbors is the implementation-focused phase of an intense, multi-faceted effort by Pasco County to change the course of the future for a significantly challenged region along the coast.  During Phase I of the Vision 19 project, the Studio Team conducted a comprehensive evaluation of The Harbors’ existing conditions to identify key focus areas for Pasco County to concentrate redevelopment efforts. The Harbors focus areas were identified utilizing overlays of socioeconomic and property data analyzed through GIS and field-verified existing conditions.  Phase II of the Vision 19 project articulated redevelopment visions for the two focus areas identified in Phase I; Millers Bayou and the Main Street of New Port Richey, as well as the U.S.19 corridor linking the two selected nodes. 

Once the vision for each focus area was established, the Studio Team identified and designed specific redevelopment strategies and catalyst projects to be implemented in a phased manner for each of these unique areas.  The Millers Bayou catalyst projects aim to enhance the area’s waterfront location and existing fishing village feel while developing Millers Bayou into a pedestrian-friendly activity center and entertainment district.  The Main Street catalyst projects build upon the existing historic identity and creative character of downtown New Port Richey to jumpstart an innovation hub with enhanced transit, a sandbox business district, and multimodal infrastructure.  In addition to designing catalyst projects appropriate for each focus area, the Studio Team identified probable barriers to each redevelopment proposal, such as regulatory and administrative structures, and identified potential funding resources for implementation.  Throughout the project, the Studio Team remained focused on identifying very specific, creative, location-appropriate, and implementable catalyst projects to reimagine and reinvigorate The Harbors.